Do you have the space for a garden, but not the time?


Turn-key organic vegetable gardens created on your site.  From conception to Harvest; you decide how much or little you want to be involved.

Are you interested in eating healthier foods? See  NUTRITION

Vegetables and fruits grown in your yard. We will analyze your site for garden placement, analyze your soil and supplement if necessary (bring in organic soil for raised beds), work with you and the overall personality of your property to design the look of the garden you want, from a simple plot or raised beds of wood or stone to a mini orchard or French Pottage Garden, we can do it all!


After we design your beds we will implement deer, rabbit, woodchuck fencing if appropriate. Then, if you choose, we will put in a watering system. We work with a state of the art watering system that is much better than a sprinkler system, for your plants as well as water conservation.  It is also cheaper to instal and maintain.  It can be connected directly to your house spigot or connected into an existing underground watering system. It allows us to place the water exactly where its needed. It is a drip system that works so slowly there is never any run off, nor water wasted by being sprayed into the air. This system is also excellent for perennial beds.

Do as much or as little as you like

Once your garden is in place, fenced in, with a watering system, and your vegetables and fruits are planted, you decide how much you want to be involved.

We can do all the weeding, (water if you do not have a watering system) monitor for pests, feed, and stake your plants, then pick and deliver your harvest to your door. Or you can be involved in as much or as little of the process as you wish or have time for.

We are also available to monitor your existing garden if you need to go out of town.

Call Lia today for a consultation and get started on a better quality of life and health!     914-329-3325

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Because now more than ever we should have Victory Gardens